Once you make an appointment, we will verify your insurance coverage. Medicine Man Pharmacy accept most insurances, however if there is any issue we will reach out to you before approving your appointment. 

Please upload insurance card used for the prescriptions. If you are uninsured patient, then please go to www.covidaccess.com and get your vaccine voucher. With the voucher, there will be no cost to you for vaccination. Please upload this voucher as insurance card. 

Appointment is confirmed only after you receive a confirmation email from vaccination support team.

Spikevax ( Moderna ) 2023-24 commercial formulation's EUA and Patient information. 


Comirnaty (Pfizer) 2023-24 commercial formulation's EUA and Patient information


You also have option to add the Flu vaccine in addition to COVID vaccine. Please make sure to take separate appointment for each vaccines (for documentation purpose only so you dont have to fill out forms at the pharmacy), however you can come at anytime of the time selected for the appointment. You DO NOT have to come again for each vaccine, all vaccines can be taken at the same time. 

Currently we have only Pfizer vaccine for age group of 5-12 yrs